About us
Welcome to the Mogotel Hotel Group

Leading hotel operator in the Baltics with experience in growing profits and managing accommodation properties of different sizes and target markets since 2002. 

We offer a wide range of basic and additional European level services and a friendly approach to every customer. 
Our strength is stable growth of key indicators: turnover and profit, total rooms & hotels in operation, positive feedbacks from our satisfied customers.

Dear visitor
Dear visitor

Mogotel Hotel Group is the largest hotel operator in Baltics in a number of rooms and hotels. We also expand our hotel portfolio outside the Baltics and operate hotels in Europe. Mogotel provides not only basic hotel services – accommodation but also is a major figure in SPA, conference and catering industry. 
Mogotel is a strong player in the hotel business industry – stable growth since 2002 and the development speed, measured in seconds. It doesn’t matter, if you are a hotel owner, investor, guest or potential new employee, we are always open to cooperation with you.

With best regards, Vadim Muhin
Chairman of the Board,
Mogotel Hotel Group AS

Vision, mission and history
Business Development Vision

To become one of the leading hotel operators in Central and Eastern Europe with a wide range of basic and additional services and a friendly approach to every customer.

Our vision is to develop and constantly improve all directions of our hotel operator company towards excellence.

The future development vision of our company is to become one of the leading hotel operators elsewhere in the world.

Mission is ...

To create a strong and recognizable brand on the labour market, provide more and more stable workplaces for inhabitants of Latvia, other Baltic and European countries. To become the leading and stable employer in the hotel industry.

History Insight

The company was founded in 2002 when the Hotel Forum – a small hotel in Riga (Latvia) became the company’s property and then was subsequently sold. Then came 6 more hotels in Riga, which were developed and profitably sold.

But the company’s debut as an operator was in 2009 when the management of Old Riga Palace Hotel – a hotel in Old Riga with 100 rooms and a small restaurant was taken over. Within many productive years the company expanded it's business and today we run  hotels in Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland and Bulgaria

About us
Interesting facts
Did You Know?

ALTUM Capital Fund supports the expansion of “Mogotel” in Europe

The financing of the Capital Fund in the form of an equity investment and a loan will enable “Mogotel” to adapt to the new market situation and implement a business model that will help to implement further development plans and expand operations abroad. In total, the investment project envisages, in the event of an in-depth market study, the finding of approximately seven hotel projects in various European Union countries to be taken over by “Mogotel Development holding”.

Mogotel Development Holding
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